eCommerce Platform Comparison: A Basic Guide

Creating and running an online store is not as easy as it seems. However, if you select the best eCommerce platform, you can definitely unload some of the burden you will feel like an online store owner. The positive thing here is that there are a few excellent options to choose from. The simple eCommerce platform comparison that we have created for you should help you make the best decision in this process. Don’t forget that this decision has a direct impact on your results.


PrestaShop represents a dedicated eCommerce platform. The basic objective of this platform is to let users create an attractive online store in a short period of time. Another thing that users like about PrestaShop is the built-in functionality. In other words, you don’t have to worry about add-ons and extensions although you can find some of them too. PrestaShop offers sophisticated product management features, a variety of payment processing solutions, checkout process customization, analytics tools, excellent customer support and more. Remember that you will still need to learn how to use some of the features available on this platform.


OpenCart has a lot in common with PrestaShop, but it also has some unique characteristics and features. This eCommerce platform comes with a modern dashboard where you can get the information and data you need to make progress. This online store builder relies on a modular system which makes it easier to create and customize a website. So, the biggest difference between this platform and PrestaShop is that OpenCart is much easier to use. In addition, users can find a long list of SEO features. Users are also satisfied with the huge number of themes and extensions although the themes can be a little bit better in terms of appearance.


osCommerce is easy to install and use. The fact is that users don’t need any experience to start building their eCommerce site. Unlike many another eCommerce platform, this one has a lively community ready to share their experiences and thoughts with other online store owners and developers. In this way, you can customize your store in an easy way. Another special characteristic of osCommerce is that you can use thousands of themes and add-ons for free. But, due to the fact that scaling is not its best side, osCommerce is probably not a smart option for larger stores.

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